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Welocal for Local Listing Management

Get found everywhere

with accurate information

Be discoverable by search engines and consumers by ensuring data quality and accuracy. Welocal syncs with your data and automatically keeps your company listings (Name, Phone number, Business Hours, Location) accurate for each location across all major maps and seach engines.
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Who are we
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93% of digital, online experiences start with a search engine and 66% of all Google searches are local.

How it works

Take control of your brand presence across platforms

Welocal's listing technology automatically scans, locates, and claims your existing business listings on services in the network. Welocal also detect anomalies and automatically corrects data across platforms. Our sync mechanism keep on updating correct data with two-way API integrations.

Welocal listing management data accuracy
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Capture and analyze listings performance analytics.

Welocal Analytics gives you a comprehensive view of how consumers interact with your brand locations on Google and how that impacts your business.

View how often your brand locations appear in search, how many people click from those search results to learn more, to drive to location or to call your place.

Analytics gives you an in-depth look at the online performance of an individual location, any group of locations, or all your locations.


brand content

across locations

Research shows that business listings with enhanced content receive 416% more views than those without. Create and manage your Google My Business profile for all locations through with Welocal. Engage with your customer with dynamic content like posts, images, videos, social links and more. With social posting, deliver one message through all your locations.

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Create trackable traffic from your listings to generate more leads

What if you could extend the reach of your marketing at no additional cost — and no cost per click? Welocal’s clickable Rich Text Content turns your listings into measurable marketing opportunities.​

Conversion Tracking enables you to track the clicks and conversions that can be attributed to your Listings. When setting up Conversion Tracking, you can determine which customer actions constitute a conversion. Whether that is placing an order, booking an appointment, Click-to-Call or clicking for driving directions.

Location management stack

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Welocal duplicate elimination process finds and suppresses duplicate listings according to each platforms best practices, so consumers never see incorrect or incomplete data about your brand.
Welocal's process enable location data going through data cleansing, geo-sync matching, deduplication and is distributed to various platforms and ensures that your digital presence is correct at all the locations.
Unclaimed, duplicate or missing locations can be managed by third parties, having a negative impact on your brand and search ranking. With Welocal, all your brand locations are claimed and protected.

Ready to see?

Contact us today to learn how Welocal can help your brand to standout at customer journey
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