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Measure and act on ratings and reviews at scale with deep understanding of your customers needs with NLP technology.
Gain insights from the corporate level down to individual locations on ranking, visibility, engagement, review sentiments, and trends.
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Turn unorganized data into revenue generating holistic insights


From customer reviews to actionable insights

View sentiment trends by topic, zoom in on specific keywords with Welocal's NLP engine. Understand the sentiments expressed in reviews and improve operations at the specific location and corporate level.

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See how your customers think, improve your business accordingly

Your customers are your most honest critics, and how they view your business matters most. Making adjustments based on insights from customer feedback will help you deliver experiences, products and services that will keep your customers coming back, and inspire them to spread the word

Measure performance by each category

Easily group relevant keywords into custom categories to measure every aspect of your business. 

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Compare performance across your locations

Measure review volume, ratings, and topic sentiments from customer reviews at a location level to detect your locations that ensure lowest and highest customer experience.

See how your customers find you

Measure and score the digital strength of each location through insightful metrics on customer engagement and online location visibility. See how customers find you - Direct or Discovery. Track how many times seen on Google map and search.

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Measure Customer Engagement

​Monitor customer actions.  Track numbers of driving directions requested, phone called, photos seen, and posts viewed for each location and 1000s of location at broader view.

Monitor your reputation progress

Create and track goals for review volume on specific sites or across all review sites. Get in-depth reporting for a comprehensive view of your online reputation, visualize your business reputation over time.

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1000s of stores and branches analyzed in LocationScore report

LocationScore gives you an immediate snapshot of the health of your brand across all your digital locations. Easily track ranking for your multi-location business. View location performance in an easy-to-read leaderboard. Compare how spesific keywords are performing.

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