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Welocal for Retail

Customer Journey Starts From Being Found. Be The Number One Retailler Online

Increasing your mobile visibility and giving you a distinct competitive advantage. You will stand out, and ultimately, drive more consumers to your locations so you can close more sales.
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Who are we
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Shoppers are more likely to visit your store depending on your online presence. Go above and beyond from being known by word of mouth to having a strong online presence.

How it works

Get your stores 
found everywhere
with accurate information

We are aware that keeping all your location data for every single shop – up to date is true hard work. But in an industry where trust is everything it makes a huge difference. Welocal empowers brands to help make their locations more visible and appealing across the web with comprehensive location data management.


We can help you keep all information up to date for every location and across all major maps platforms and we provide the most accurate service for pinpointing the location of shops with our location management stack.

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Be everywhere 

your customers are

Welocal's listing technology automatically scans, locates, and claims your existing business listings on services in the network. Welocal also detects anomalies and automatically corrects data across platforms. Our sync mechanism keep on updating correct data with two-way API integrations.

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Improve your reputation

with authentic

customer reviews

Stand out and attract new customers with more customer reviews at major online platforms.​

Welocal can help you be there whenever consumers need you with the trust-building data, social proof via reviews and accurate information they’re looking for.

Use the voice of the customer to show you provide the best experience. Collect more reviews from your customers via email, WhatsApp message, SMS, kiosks, posters at your location, or on social channels.

Empower your

local teams.

Maintain corporate control while empowering your retail managers to showcase what makes their services unique at local level. Welocal’s flexible, scalable workflows and approvals enable you to manage editing rights at the global, regional, and single location level.

You can make every loaction stand out just by responding – and the community around your location will respond in return.

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Image by Ali Morshedlou
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Get critical insights

Gather deep insights at dealer level with Welocal's NLP engine that analyse customer reviews.

View sentiment trends by topic, zoom in on specific keywords and adjectives, and put it all in context.

Manage customer reviews with ease

Manage, and respond customer reviews - all in one place. Welocal's AI powered smart response tool replies all customer reviews automatically and save you time. Welocal will help you monitor and respond to each of your online reviews – without adding new team members. We can help you stand out from the competition, turn bad ratings into good reviews and boost your visibility in mobile searches, driving more traffic for your locations.

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View all key local ranking signals
in one place

100s of retail locations analyzed in a single report

See your business as your customers see you


Get data on the most important Google My Business signals. Prioritize tasks that will boost rankings. View categories and citations alongside links and Track important online reputation metrics. Know exactly where you rank across local search from any location.

Learn how your listings and CX are performing against competitors

Benchmark GMB listing optimization vs your closest competitors. See where you’re losing out and focus on these areas first.

Enable competitor analysis through customer reviews.

Welocal's three-layer Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm analyzes your competitors’ reviews and enable you to compare sentiment for products and services against your competitors at both national and local level. 

Competition happens at local level of your dealers from bottom up.
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Dominate search results

When customers search for “x shop” or “ x service” make sure you’re on the top of search results. Get additional visibility through Welocal's custom pages that are designed for SEO, rank high in search results, and show up in the Google searches

Get feedback in negative situations, avoid negative reviews 

Direct only happy customers to the review process with Welocal's smart customer referral system. In adverse situations, proactively learn the cause of the problem by getting their feedback. Avoid negative reviews.

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Show customer reviews in your website

Using Welocal's review widget (iFrame or API), you can add all your customer reviews and ratings to your business website. Use your previous references to turn your potential customers and site visitors into buyers.

A Holistic approach made for Retaillers

Welocal is the only comprehensive platform for best local online interactions that offers a range of products that fits into your enterprise needs.
Be discoverable by search engines and consumers by ensuring data quality and accuracy!
We can help you stand out from the competition, turn bad ratings into good reviews and boost your visibility in mobile searches
Gather deep insights at dealer level with Welocal's NLP engine that analyse customer reviews. ​

Ready to see?

Contact us today to learn how Welocal can help your brand to standout at customer journey
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