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Welocal for AI Powered Review Management

Customer review management with ease

Take control of your brand reputation and solve customer issues by managing all your reviews in one place.

Improve the speed your brand listens, responds, and takes action at local level with the help of AI powered auto reply features.
Who are we
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68% of consumers already expect responses within days of reviewing a business.

How it works

Use AI to Instantly Improve Review Response Rates

Save time and resources with artificial intelligence. We use machine learning and AI to answer reviews based on created templates.

Automatically reply all customer reviews within the language of the review with AI. Personalized, various, automatic, and timely. Yet it's still authentic!

  • Save hours managing your review responses.

  • Help your business improve its online presence

  • Appreciate feedback and build loyalty.

Learn more about auto reply feature here

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Manage and respond all reviews from one place

Experience streamlined review management and response to handle local reviews at scale. Welocal enables you easily connect with your customers by allowing you to monitor and answer to customer reviews from various platforms within one easy-to-use panel.

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With the Welocal AI powered review responder, you can save on average 250 man / hours per month for 100 locations receiving 30 reviews monthly.

Prioritize negative reviews

Get notified with custom rules. Easily notify your team to prioritize negative customer reviews. Welocal helps you to respond negative feedback on time. Thus, you can turn negative customer review to positive one.

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Welocal customer reviews CRM integration

Create tickets in CRM directly from your customer reviews -automatically

Reviews are visible, public and influencers. They create positive or negative images in people's mind regarding your brand. That's why you should react them fast. Welocal collects all reviews, filters them and turns them into tickets in your CRM.

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The effect of reviews and their responses to the Google search algorithm is 15.44% and stands out as the factor that makes the highest contribution to the results.

Easily filter

your reviews

Easily organize your reviews with powerful filters for specific locations, platforms, and ratings so you can quickly address the reviews you're searching for.

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Dig into reviews with customer sentiment analysis

Measure and act on ratings and reviews at scale with deep understanding of your customers needs with NLP technology.

Define different roles

​Easily manage your reviews with powerful assignment scenarious. Ensure accountability and awareness of customer reviews with advanced role management. Enable everyone receive custom notifications for the places that they are responsible for. 

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Ready to see?

Contact us today to learn how Welocal can help your brand to standout at customer journey
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