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Product reviews that boost your sales

Use the
Voice of Customers
to get new ones.

Build the trust from search to purchase.
Welocal makes it easier for you to collect & share product reviews on your website to build trust wherever customers are thinking about making a purchase.

Customize the widget to your brand, add the embed code and you’re ready! Showing off your existing customers’ reviews to convert new ones is that easy!
Who are we
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93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product

How it works

​Reviews drive customers journey faster to purchase

Customized widgets

Thanks to the very user-friendly Review Snippet Settings of Welocal, It’s possible to customize your widget to suit your brand and make it stand out from the rest!


Stand out on Google search results and get more clicks

With the high-rated product reviews, stand out on Google search results. Make your products to be seen and clicked first.

Welocal's Google integrated product widget is fully readable and make your products visible on search results.

Collect review via automated emails

Review collection via email is one of the biggest driver of user generated content approach. These evergreen, automated emails invite customers to review products they've purchased and account for up to 70% of review volume.


No one does email review collection like Welocal. When our customers turn on our In-Mail and Multi-Product Submission features, review volume increases up to 8x. Eliminate barriers to review submission, drive review volume and product coverage, and improve user experience.

Prompt reviews in a friendly SMS manner!

Once a growing trend, now an everyday reality: engaging with brands via text. By using our text message approach, you can see up to 2X more customer reviews, reaching them right where they frequently engage.


The advantage? With an influx of timely reviews, potential buyers get the confidence they need, while you benefit from the social proof that propels sales sky-high. Boost reviews, boost sales!

Make Voice of the Customer valuable for your business NOW!

Welocal’s AI-based NLP and predictive technology extract value from voice of the customer data. 🙌

What you accomplish? 🎯

✔️Make your products stand out from the competition.
✔️Measure brand reputation from the customer point of view.
✔️Discover issues in advance and reduce customer churn.

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Convert more with WhatsApp integration

With the WhatsApp Business API integration. You can collect product reviews via World’s #1 messaging app. WhatsApp has 97% read-rate and much stronger channel than regular SMS or mail.


Ask your customers about their experience by chatting with them and collect X7 more reviews.

Capture Insights

“A nice review helps but adding customers' attributes makes it a more relevant and insightful recommendation.” We are very self-confident in capturing insights from the reviews. We can show you the way how to do it. Tag the reviews by their topics, collect a certain data and let the AI take care of the rest for you.


Consumers journey start with a Google search

93% of consumer start their buying journey at a search engine.

Welocal makes it enable to show your product reviews at search results.

Turn both Offline & Online sales into product reviews

Collecting product reviews from offline sales is a key differentiator. We understand that not all sales channels are online and 92% of shopping, still happen offline. That's why our software includes features that allow you to easily collect and manage reviews from your in-store or offline sales. By doing so, you can get a comprehensive view of your customers' experiences and use that data to make informed business decisions. With Welocal, you can turn every sale into an opportunity to gather insights and build your reputation online.



of all sales is 

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See everything
in one place

Use reports to quickly access, analyze, and share important metrics and improve key areas of your product reviews. Here are a few examples of what you can do with reports: Track the ratings for a specific product, product category, or brand. Provide executive-level performance summaries for your products.

End-to-end product review management
solution for enterprises


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