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Respond all your customer reviews automatically

Since the lydians invention of money, people work hard to earn it. After the sweat and tears people want to spend their money wisely and in the right place. Back then people didn't have many options, so that the businesses didn't need to stick out. Fast forward to today we have many alternatives for acquiring the same product. Resulting in a competition.

Before the invention of advertisements people trusted the word of mouth to choose where they wanted to spend their money. Today we have ads to manipulate the revenue that comes in. However, word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to promote your business. In today's world where everything is digital the word of mouth revolved into user reviews. In the 21st century we can't deny that in order to succeed businesses should have a digital footprint. If your business works on a B2C approach customer reviews play a huge role in getting found. Research shows that 86% percent of people read customer reviews for businesses before deciding to visit.

Successful Principles for Responding to Customer Reviews

Respond to all negative reviews:

Negative reviews impact buying decisions and can lead to consumers avoiding your business.

Address positive reviews:

Always be grateful to those who leave reviews and show appreciation. Show potential customers your business values feedback. ‍

Respond quickly:

The faster you respond to a review, the faster the reviewer is appeased and prospective reviewers can see that the business is dedicated to solving customer feedback in a timely fashion.

Mitigate the bad and maximize the good:

Responding to reviews is not just about improving reputation, but limiting potential damage and increase your SEO exposure.

The potential of reviews are only used halfway when they are not responded to. The real value comes into play when your business responds to them showing that you value your customers opinion. Responding only to positive comments might create dispathy on potential customers since it gives out the impression that you don't value the opinions of your customers and don’t validate their bad experiences to take notes and correct what was wrong about their visit. Most of the time just replying to the reviews won't be enough. Your customers would like to have a higher quality response from you given back to their reviews. This most of the time would come in as a challenge. Reading and filtering all of your reviews would take up a huge amount of valuable time from your day. Let's say replying to a single review takes around 3 minutes, and you get around 10 reviews a day. That is 30 minutes of valuable time throughout the day. That makes up 10 hours a month, more than one full working days, so why not automate this process. With the usage of Welocal the process can be fully automated, once we are up and running you no longer need to worry about the reviews getting replied to and you will have 1 full day + 2 hours on hand to focus on more impactful tasks.

With Welocal’s unique way of responding based on star rating, the system will take care of the process. The system uses a huge variety of unique auto reply templates created just for your brand. Variety plays a huge role in creating a human-like persona to the system, resulting in the reviewer ( the customer) feeling more special since they think that a human is taking time out of their day to reply and the company values their opinion. This engagement will eventually result in brand royalty since the customer will compare their experience to experiences that your peers are providing. The Templates can show the customer's name, the location name, date etc. to further create a feeling that the system is personalized. Once we are up and running you will have the option to reply to existing reviews as well. Our system doesn’t limit you with the dates of the reviews. Reviews that were obtained years ago can also be replied to even though it would be late, it would show your past customers you still value their opinions and validate their experiences. Get in touch with us to see how you surpass your competition!


  • Multiple Locations - More than one location? No problem! Manage all your review responses from one panel.

  • Get Notifications - Every time there are new reviews you will get notified so you can respond quickly to your customers.

  • Invite your colleagues - Bring together all the team and give the right permission to manage the responses of all your locations.

  • Reply Reports - See how your response rates improve over time and how that affects your business!

What benefits you get in a nutshell.

  • Save hours managing your review responses.

  • Help your business improve its online presence

  • Appreciate feedback and build loyalty.

4 Steps to High-Quality Replies

Sync your businesses directly from Google My Business and import all your customer reviews automatically.


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