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Otokoç - Largest Auto Dealer Network in Turkey Chosen Welocal for Local Online Reputation

After using Welocal Reputation Management, Otokoç began to respond to their clients on their locations to keep their reputation increasing with the goal of strengthening their digital identity. As being one of the automotive pioneers in Turkiye, Otokoc chose Welocal as the partner to engage with their clients giving them feedback on their experiences on showroom visits by commenting on their Google Maps locations.

Through the use of Welocal, Otokoç Automotive has been able to increase their view amounts by over 300% in just one year. They have also been able to improve customer satisfaction by providing automated and nearly immediate responses to comments on Google maps.

Moreover, satisfied clients encouraged to comment after their positive experiences on showroom visits or using rental services. CRM entegration enabled to boost satisfaction by sending requests for commending on locations.

Some of stats:

258 locations

%100 comment respond rate

Average star rating increased from 3.96 to 4.08

%338 increase on monthly Google Maps view amount.

208% increase in local interactions

Otokoç Automotive

As a subsidiary of Koç Holding, Otokoç Automotive is a pioneering company in automotive retail for different brands, car rentals, car insurance and second-hand car trading. Uniting different brands in the same roof of the automotive vertical made Otokoç one of the leaders in the market.

Well known brands such as Fiat, Ford, Volvo and Maserati partnered up with Otokoç as their main distributor in Turkiye which made Otokoç Automotive one of the most reputable automotive compaines in the country.


To shape up an online front-face, the need for managing online reviews and customer communications has risen to the surface for Otokoç Automotive. They were especially looking for a solution to automate their responses for the needs of each location.

Transforming the offline presence into an online optimized presence would be the real challenge for brand reputaion since negative reviews had more impact on online reviews. Finding ways to ask every customer for feedback, gathering positive reviews and sharing those review channels is the main streamline for strengthening brand identity and brand reputation.

Auto-reply of reviews with AI

Management of different brands and different areas of automotive services, customized responses for each location Otokoç Automotive has become a must. Without disrupting the marketing team’s workflow, review templates should be implemented on different brand groups by keeping high standards of respecting customers and letting them know their reviews are not ignored.

Different brands respond to their clients within their brand identities, not just in one-way robotic responses but differentiating between multiple responses with the power of AI. Knowing customer feedback will always be heard, Otokoç is polishing their strengths on automotive service and improving what must be improved with an AI-backed review collecting process.

Actively engaging with Google Maps updates

Since location’s online presence had more impact for businesses and services, businesses need to give more detailed, specific and accurate information about their locations. Filling up those attributes would have a great impact on receiving positive feedback and increasing the local SEO ranks as well. Brands within Otokoç Automotive are more focused on online reputation management since WeLocal integration and news related with location updates and offers will be shared as a Google Maps update immediately. Single-handedly publishing any update to multiple locations made online brand management easier than ever.

What is Next

Otokoç Welocal integration will be expanded by AI-backed Comparison Analysis with their competitor’s locations in total. Furthermore, Keyword Metrics will be implemented to Otokoç Welocal to have more insight on customer responses to categorize what can be polished and what can be improved.

Sentiment Analysis will be another feature that will be activated as Welocal’s AI Analytics to search through client comments and NLU algorithm will tag these comments by their emotions. Moreover, local reviews can be displayed for each location’s website on request.


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