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Citroén Success Story

%300 organic growth in monthly google my business reviews!

93% of digital, online experiences start with a search engine and 66% of all Google searches are local.

When looking for a way to manage their reputation and Google My Business location reviews Citroën Turkey stumbled upon us. In the first 5 months of our relationship their online traffic grew from
500k to 1.4 million! With our auto reply function Citroën Turkey strives for perfection and aims to increase customer loyalty.
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Who are we
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10 million monthly views 

How it works




Daily growth in SEO



increase in reviews 

welocal analytics -integration advanced.

 Citroën Turkey at a glance

Since Citroën came in to Turkey in 1993 they sold more than 500000 cars in Turkey alone. They are one of the largest car retailers in Turkey With more than 20 dealers they are one of the leaders of the automotive industry in Turkey. Our paths crossed with our French giant when they wanted to up their customer service game and gain customer loyalty through out the way.

Feedback Collection+ Review Management,Location Monitoring And Management Under One Roof

One thing is for sure there is one thing that won't come back no matter how hard we try and that is time. Without Welocal replying to the customer reviews was a task that was unmasterable. The reviews stacked on top of eachother with no possible way of managing and creating impactful communication between the customers and the brand. Since Welocal’s integration to Citroën’s Google My Business locations the reviews they receive can be replied in an instant without the need of manpower.


Usage of Welocal just doesn't mean auto replies to user reviews, thanks to our integrations with Citroën Turkey’s CRM systems organic reviews can be generated with ease. As humans we are more inclined to reflect on our negative experiences, since most of the people tend to be angry when they encounter a negative experience they usually review from that perspective. This is just not fair to all of the hardworking staff since most of the visits that are positive don’t get talked about. As Welocal we also aim to give the unspoken experiences a platform and a way to be featured.

Boosting satisfaction with the customer feedback loop.

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Sending out requests with Welocal was simpler than Citroën could have ever imagined. Welocal integrated with Citroën’s existing Crm system. Review requests went out automatically via text message on the same day as the visit. Since the process of sending a review request was taken care of automatically, nobody on the Citroën’s team needed to spend much time on the platform. Customers were already required to leave their phone number when the car received service; the business didn’t need to make any changes to existing processes.


In just five months Citroën received 3x more reviews on both Google,  doubled their overall online customer interactions at local level and due to their diligent efforts to address customer issues promptly, the company increased their average star rating across all sites and locations.

AI Powered Automated Timely Responses


Citroën knew the importance of providing their reviews responses. Even a simple thank you shows that they value their customers' opinions. When a customer leaves a negative review, the team knows they need to respond quickly to resolve the issue. However, without having the right solution in place, they had struggled to keep up with their review responses at scale. Setting out from this mindset, Citroën one upped themselves by choosing Welocal. With us they reply to all comments with personalized templates regarding their star rating. This creates a meaningful communication between the brand and the customer.

Empower your

local teams.

Maintain corporate control while empowering your dealer managers to showcase what makes their services unique at local level. Welocal’s flexible, scalable workflows and approvals enable you to manage editing rights at the global, regional, and single location level.

You can make every dealer stand out just by responding – and the community around your dealer will respond in return.

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Image by Ali Morshedlou
google my business reputation management

Get critical insights

Gather deep insights at dealer level with Welocal's NLP engine that analyse customer reviews.

View sentiment trends by topic, zoom in on specific keywords and adjectives, and put it all in context.

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View all key local ranking signals

in one place

100s of dealers analyzed in a single report

See your business as your customers see you


Get data on the most important Google My Business signals. Prioritize tasks that will boost rankings. View categories and citations alongside links and Track important online reputation metrics. Know exactly where you rank across local search from any location.

Manage customer reviews with ease

Manage, and respond customer reviews - all in one place. Welocal's AI powered smart response tool replies all customer reviews automatically and save you time. Welocal will help you monitor and respond to each of your online reviews – without adding new team members. We can help you stand out from the competition, turn bad ratings into good reviews and boost your visibility in mobile searches, driving more sales for your dealerships.

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Dominate search results

When customers search for “x store” or “ x service” make sure you’re on the top of search results. Get additional visibility through Welocal's custom pages that are designed for SEO, rank high in search results, and show up in the Google searches

Get feedback in negative situations, avoid negative reviews 

Direct only happy customers to the review process with Welocal's smart customer referral system. In adverse situations, proactively learn the cause of the problem by getting their feedback. Avoid negative reviews.

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showing customer reviews in web site goo

Show customer reviews in your website

Using Welocal's review widget (iFrame or API), you can add all your customer reviews and ratings to your business website. Use your previous references to turn your potential customers and site visitors into buyers.

A Holistic approach made for consumer electronics brands

Welocal is the only comprehensive platform for best local online interactions that offers a range of products that fits into your enterprise needs.
Be discoverable by search engines and consumers by ensuring data quality and accuracy!
We can help you stand out from the competition, turn bad ratings into good reviews and boost your visibility in mobile searches
Gather deep insights at dealer level with Welocal's NLP engine that analyse customer reviews. ​

Ready to see?

Contact us today to learn how Welocal can help your brand to standout at customer journey
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